[Zlib-devel] What's planned for 1.15?

Paul Marquess Paul.Marquess at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 18 11:51:00 MST 2002

From: Zlib-devel-admin at zlib.org [mailto:Zlib-devel-admin at zlib.org]On

> On Monday, June 17, 2002, at 03:07  AM, Paul Marquess wrote:
> > I'm in the middle of doing a complete rewrite of the Perl interface to
> > zlib.
> >
> > It would helpful if I knew what changes are proposed for 1.15 so that
> >
> >   * I can plan for including them in my interface.
> >
> >   * I don't make any changes to my interface that will be incompatible
> > with
> >     what's coming in 1.1.5.
> Paul,
> Here are the changes in 1.1.5 that I am aware of.  Jean-loup may have
> more.
> 1. New function: uLong deflateBound(z_streamp strm, uLong sourceLen)
> that returns a maximum compressed size for sourceLen input bytes given
> the settings for that stream.  It would be called after deflateInit() or
> deflateInit2().
> 2. New function: uLong compressBound(uLong sourceLen) that returns a
> maximum compressed size for sourceLen input bytes when using compress()
> or compress2().
> 3. Raw inflate (no zlib header or trailer using negative windowBits) is
> now documented in zlib.h, and inflate now no longer requires a dummy
> byte at the end to complete raw inflate.
> Other changes that are not interface related:
> - Added some const's to make a shared zlib library work better.
> - Simplified memory allocations in inflate() to make them less frequent
> as well as first-in, last-out.
> - Increased the speed of crc32() by about a factor of two.
> - Fixed an inflate bug on 16-bit machines.

Thanks Mark.

None of that looks like it will affect my rewrite, although I'll probably
add support for the new *Bound interfaces when 1.1.5 gets released.

Good to see the raw interface finally documented.


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